Our Shoe Care guide

Good year welted shoes

We use the gold standard of Goodyear welting to craft our shoes. This is a laborious process that requires skill and care. Reciprocating by taking care to properly maintain your shoes will ensure you get the most out of them. The following are general principles to follow in looking after your shoes.

  • Use a shoe horn for an easier fit and to maintain heel integrity.
  • Your first time trying your new shoes on should be on carpet or similar non-abrasive surface to check the fit.
  • When first wearing your shoes, wear them on dry days, avoid getting them wet and allow the sole to roughen.
  • Alternatively, visit a shoe repairer to have a rubber half sole affixed to your shoes.
  • If your shoes get wet, allow them to dry naturally without the use of a heat source. Fill with newspaper to aid in this process.
  • Regularly maintain the upper of your shoes using a good quality, colour matched, shoe polish, We recommend Wren's shoe care range.  
  • Store your shoes on wooden shoe trees.
  • Avoid wearing on consecutive days.