How We Like to do things

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We believe that in a throw away culture, quality distinguishes itself from the masses.  This is why we have embarked on the journey to share our vision with people who feel the same.

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Our shoes are crafted using a Goodyear welt, the gold standard in shoe making. This is a labor intensive process but the result is a luxurious fit, finish and silhouette. Goodyear welting allows a shoe to be re-soled, delivering an enduring fit and character that can last for decades.

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The fit and silhouette of our shoes are the product of a contemporary aesthetic paying homage to classical style and principles. Our Maiden last, the aptly monikered - No. 1 last - has been specifically proportioned with Kiwi men in mind. 

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We use 100% genuine leather


We strive for our final product to reflect the expertise accrued across four generations of industry expertise.